Protect your business from tax risks

Experts will identify mistakes and possible tax risks, provide recommendations on how to correct or minimize them, find potential savings


The less there are doubtful transactions and errors in tax calculation, the less is the risk of a SRS’s inspection

When is TAXCHECK needed?

In the preparation of the annual report

The manager or accountant of the company has changed

The company conducts cross-border operations

Optimization of tax calculation processes is required

It is necessary to check the accounting records to exclude tax risks

The SRS often addresses questions or plans an inspection

Results of TAXCHECK

Exclusion of claims from the SRS

It is very important to conduct TAXCHECK every year. In this case, errors identified during the TAXCHECK, inaccuracies in the calculation of the tax base, violations of tax laws will be timely corrected and eliminated.

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What does TAXCHECK consist of?

Comprehensive and straightforward report

Green — everything is fine, yellow — attention needed, red — there is a problem.


Consequences of detected errors — unpaid taxes, penalties, late payment interest. We review more than 500 potential tax risks.

Regulatory framework

Laws, regulations, instructions — what has been violated and how to present it correctly, what documents to base it on.

Description of the identified issues

Irregularities, errors, inaccuracies — with a detailed description of each situation.


Tax consultants' recommendations on how to correct mistakes and keep records in accordance with the tax laws and regulations.

Service fee

The service fee depends on the size of the company, i.e. its turnover, balance sheet and type of business. The fee usually starts 

from € 750
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TAXCHECK frequency and deadlines

If a company does not have a Tax Risk Management System or has a "weak link", TAXCHECK will help to avoid negative consequences.

Periodicity depends on the efficiency and reliability of the company's internal control system, the qualifications of accountants and tax specialists, the complexity of business operations, the organization of document flow, uncertainty in the interpretation of the legislation.

TAXCHECK usually takes into account all tax returns for the last 12 months, but can also cover a longer period (up to 3 years).


Average TAXCHECK duration:

from 3 working days to 2 weeks.

TAXCHECK is also necessary to set-up a Tax Risk Management System

We perform an assessment of the accounting process, the process of preparing tax returns, as well as process of making tax payments, the document flow, and other processes in which significant tax risks may arise.

TAXCHECK — security of your business

A team of professionals will eliminate tax errors, reveal risks and financial reserves.

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Confidentiality. A Confidentiality Agreement is signed prior to commencing work.

An integrated approach to dealing with situations. Analysis of transactions and their tax consequences, provision of recommendations to eliminate and prevent tax risks.